For all those visiting the coast, finding out how to get to the cracking breaks can sometimes be a bit tricky. Shipwreck Bay is just one of the many go-to spots. It is located at the township of Ahipara, which lies at the southernmost point of Ninety Mile Beach. Ahipara is approximately four to five hours from the metropolis we call Auckland. Finding Ahipara is no sweat thanks to the maps we all now carry around on our phones. However, getting to the surf spots themselves can sometimes find our maps coming up short.Β 


Don't feel like you've made a wrong turn if you hit the dirt roads. In fact, it is often a key sign that you're heading in the right direction. The natural indicators to the NZ coasts are far different from customary living. When you see barbed wire, fields of sheep, vintage yellow signs or notice the deserted nature of the unsealed roads, keep going. Go with your gut, there are so many unmarked gems waiting to be found.