Give your wetsuit a second round at life.

Our 2-year plan covers any accidental wear and tear including any damage caused by storage. It will include the following repairs, as long as your suit has been kept to our care standards. The deal gets sweeter, when the 2 years is over, we will gift you a 30% off voucher for your next suit. Terms & conditions do apply.


Puncture & Nick Repair
Tear & Rip Repair
Seam Repairs
Zipper Repair
Heel Tear Repair
End of Warranty - 30% off wetsuit
Price $55



Replacement Technicalities

Please keep in mind our repairers when returning your suit. They will not inspect any wetsuit if it is wet, sandy or unclean. Please wash and thoroughly dry your item before handing it back. Damp or dirty items can damage our sewing machines and repair equipment, which subsequently may cause delays to the turnaround time. We reserve the right to charge for any item we receive that is not clean or dry. If the wetsuit is in an unacceptable state, we may send the item back to you as is.

To be eligible, the wetsuit must have had sufficient use over 30 months and must be treated correctly, as per our care standards. To be valid the assurance plan must be purchased in conjunction with the wetsuit.

Your plan will be valid for 24 months from the date of purchase. There are no refunds for any unused value on the chosen assurance plan. After the Assurance has expired, it is no longer valid and any plan redemption will be declined.

If you allow another person to use or take possession of your wetsuit, your assurance plan will be void. You cannot on-sell your Assurance or re-assign any of your rights or obligations under these terms and conditions. Assurance plans cannot be exchanged, refunded or redeemed for cash nor can they be used to purchase another Assurance Plan.

Plans can only be purchased online, this option is not available from any other retailers. To redeem your assurance, we will need your original order number #CL001, or a copy of your original invoice/receipt.

Your assurance plan will no longer be valid if:

Your wetsuit has been used in any commercial, rental or instructional programs.
The product is a sample, second-hand, or being sold as a product with existing defects.
Your wetsuit has previously been repaired by an alternative repair service.


To be eligible, for any assurance claims, your wetsuit must have been treated correctly, as per our care standards.

Once you're back on land, rinse your wetsuit inside and out with fresh water. Fill your wettie bucket up, get your hands in there and give it a good wash. Be sure to turn it inside out and have another go.

Direct sunlight is not neoprene’s friend, be sure to always dry your wettie in the shade. Hang your wetsuit in half through a hanger and not from the neck, this will stop the neck & shoulders from stretching while it's drying. Be sure to turn it inside out and give the other side a chance to dry too. This step is just as important as rinsing. You want a dry wetsuit on both sides and not a half-dry soggy suit.

Once in a while give your wetsuit a good dose of TLC, by treating it to a thorough wash with some wetsuit shampoo. This will help get out the last of the stubborn saltwater.

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